What can VoIP do for me? - Communications Provider.

  • Unify your company image across all sites
  • Improve productivity
  • Improve call handling and flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Cost saving

VoIP digitises and packetises analogue voice calls so that they can be transmitted over the internet. In essence, we network your telephones in the same way as you currently network your computers, allowing for a more advanced system. The same system can be implemented at all sites giving your customers the same feel whichever site they phone, and calls can be transferred or made between branches at no extra cost.

Extra extensions can be added very quickly as they are carried over your existing internet connection rather having to wait for BT or a cable provider to install telephone lines. Cost savings can also be achieved by reducing call charges and reducing the number of lines needed at each site.

We have a comprehensive range of products in our Lincolnshire headquarters which interlink to suit all or any combination of needs from home workers to large national or international corporations.

Now you can achieve the same flexibility within your telephony requirements as you can with your computer network, so contact us today and we will explain how we can tailor a package to your requirements.

A recent client in the Lincolnshire area earmarked £8,000 for a new VoIP switchboard. With the right VoIP package a better more flexible result was achieved for less than £2000!