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21st August 2017 0 Broadband

Call Me Maybe? 5 Things You Should Know About Number Translation Services

Number Translation is a popular service here at Just Telecomms, and as with VoIP and Backup, our customers often have plenty of questions regarding what the service is all about. Whereas ordinary calls are made using geographical numbers with the call travelling over a public network, Number Translation Service (NTS) calls have no ‘home’ or specific location. In fact, if you call the customer services department of a large company at a busy time, your call could be sent wherever they’re able to handle it – one of their call centres in the UK or indeed anywhere in the world. We’ve all tried to make calls that have been directed to a seemingly random office location, so they’re clearly a popular choice for a variety of businesses. But what is it that makes NTS so popular? We’ve compiled a list of 5 things you should know about Number Translation Services, so if you’ve been considering NTS for your business, read on.

1. The main reason given for use of NTS numbers is the flexibility they offer.

When it comes to any business which needs to move location and retain the same numbers, there really is no better solution than a Number Translation Service. Flexibility is the main reason 0800 users give for using non-geographic numbers, as they provide companies with the ability to change location while retaining a consistent number for their customers.

2. Customer satisfaction for NTS suppliers is very high.

A study undertaken by Ofcom back in 2004 where they interviewed dozens of small to medium-sized businesses revealed that almost 9 out of 10 SMEs were happy with their current NTS supplier and a similar number (84%) had never changed suppliers. Whilst these statistics are now getting a little old, it still holds true that customer satisfaction for NTS is staggeringly positive. Given that the service is relatively simple and benefits a business’s image, as well as having greater tariff flexibility than geographical numbers, it is hardly surprising that so many companies have now turned to NTS for their calls.

3. 83% of SMEs who use them say NTS numbers are important to them, and over 80% of all users consider them important.

Reasons for choosing different non-geographic number ranges included perceived customer value and trust in the specific number range. For companies split between various locations, having one single number is more suitable, as it provides a national company image and can even hide an organisation’s geographic location for those who don’t want to be tied to a specific area.

4. Depending on what you need your NTS to do, there are lots of beneficial features available.

Another NTS benefit includes “time of day routing” – the ability to direct calls to different locations based on the time of day, ensuring that if your offices have varying opening hours you can still answer an incoming call.  Location-based routing is also an available option through NTS, where calls can be diverted to different destinations depending on the location of the caller.

5. Using 0800 or 0808 numbers can increase the effectiveness of a company’s marketing campaign by up to 150%!

Customer perception of numbers can have a striking impact on the marketing of a business. As 0800 numbers allow callers to call from anywhere in the UK free of charge, this can be an attractive option compared to having a number associated with a geographical location. Number Translation Services are usually used to connect customers to a wide range of entertainment and information services including help lines, banks, pay as you go internet services, public and government services etc, which is why these numbers seem trustworthy, and therefore worth having!

Would you like to learn more about Number Translation Services and how they could benefit your business? Get in touch with our Just Telecomms team today and we can answer any questions you may have. We recently took over a customers Non Geographic phone numbers and reduced his costs from over £70,000 per year to nil. Unbelievable but true!