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19th September 2018 0 Broadband

The ‘C’ Word: How One Word Can Impact Your Business

Earlier in the year, I had the privilege of listening to entrepreneur and local Grimbarian Richard Askam at one of his talks. He grabbed our attention instantly with the title of his presentation.

The ‘C’ word.

The C word.

Had he gone mad? It was the perfect hook; huge, hitting us in big letters, leaving us wondering whether we’d shown up to the right event.

What do you think of when someone says the ‘C’ word? Cancer? An expletive that I won’t list here? The 2016 Netflix series? There’s something about the phrase ‘the C word’ which grabs your attention and doesn’t let it go.

But, as Richard went on to explain, he wasn’t referring to a swear word, or a painful disease, or even a show. He explained that many of the most important phrases in business stem from this very letter C, and it was our job to harness these.

Communication. Connections. Conversation.

There were many more. And as I listened to Richard wax lyrical about the importance of the ‘C’ word or words, I realised that Just Telecomms is actually set up to provide the very tools that people need to achieve all of these. Without our connections, people wouldn’t have conversations. Communication would suffer. Collaboration was another one Richard mentioned. So much of our industry involves collaboration to bring businesses together and keep them talking. I enjoyed Richard’s talk so much that the concept of the ‘C word’ played on my mind for weeks after.

When I got back in touch with Richard himself and expressed an interest in his talk, he was more than happy to run through things with me again.

“Conversation,” he said, his voice laced with laughter, “Conversation – and cake!”

And whilst these two things sound like the makings of a Macmillan coffee morning, they’re still crucial to business. No entrepreneur can become successful without placing a level of trust with the people around them. Conversations lead to deals, which lead to bigger deals, more connections, and so forth. Connecting with those around you and spotting those all-important opportunities is the best way to provide growth for any company. And as for the cake? Well, nobody dislikes cake.

So now whenever I get talking about Just Telecomms and our purpose, I say that we’re firm believers in the ‘C’ word. And I watch people’s looks of concern melt into smiles as they realise what I actually mean.

If you’re thinking that your business could do with improving on some of your C words, then you know where we are. We’re the team ready to go, with communication tools at our fingertips.

We’re also the team eating the cake. We’ll save you a slice.