Just Telecomms Mobile. Communication providers are now putting you in charge.

Just Telecomms are able to offer mobile contracts on a SIM-only basis, all billed alongside your landline / VoIP contract with ourselves. Handsets are available at competitive rates – either paid for upfront or on a monthly lease basis over 24 months. All calls are carried by Vodafone over their network but Just Telecomms provide you with your bill.

Our rates are compelling. Give us a call 01427 800310 or head to our contact page to see what we can offer your business. This is only available to customers who already take services from Just Telecomms, as due to the very low margins available to us we need to bill other products to cover invoicing costs.

Our SIM-only proposition frees businesses from the regular need to replace handsets, and puts the business owner in charge of if and when to refresh handsets. This can be done across the whole estate or as and when a single new handset is deemed necessary.