Traditional Telephony - Communcations Provider

When it comes to traditional telephony, we’re referring to analogue and ISDN lines / channels. If you still have these types of product in your home or business, we can take these over and offer significant reductions over BT rates. Just Telecomms still supply and install these products, although not so much these days on ISDN as the more flexible, cheaper VoIP products have taken over. BT Openreach has actually announced their intention to phase out ISDN 30 as a product by 2025 and this is helping drive companies to IP-based telephony solutions.

Despite BT’s intentions, Just Telecomms can and do still offer these products and if you have a need to use these products, you will find us very competitive for the rentals and the calls. Just give us a call on 01427 800310 for a quotation for your services and see how much we can save you.