Conferencing - Communication Providers

The market for audio and video conferencing is growing rapidly. It has been estimated that the conferencing market will triple over the next two years. How much does it cost your company (in time and expenses) to send members of staff around the world? With conferencing, the reduction in petrol and travelling costs could save you a vast amount of money and time.
Just Telecomms are able to offer a full range of products in both the audio and video conferencing ranges.

JAC (Just Audio Conference)

Open a JAC account now and set up meeting rooms at the drop of a hat. No need to pre-book. All rooms can hold up to 40 people from anywhere in the world. It’s easy to operate and could be the difference between you and your leading competitors.

JVC (Just Video Conference)

Ideal for a boardroom meeting, JVC uses Sony Video conferencing equipment that can run over your existing ISDN system or a leased line that we could manage for you. With many options available, this system can sit on a company laptop on a one to one basis, or be patched through to a television screen mounted on the wall in 10 different locations.

If you not sure which system to buy and how much it could save you, please contact our free consultancy service on 01427 800310