Broadband - Communications Provider

Just Telecomms can offer the whole exclusive spectrum of high speed internet connectivity – from Broadband to EFM, Leased line and even line of sight or satellite solutions. We also provide FTTC – the generic term for what BT call Infinity – at a very competitive rate. We aim to connect you to the things you enjoy in a fast and more reliable way and offering a number of services that suit our customers needs.

Our summer special rate for this service is priced at only £35.00 per month for new connections with zero cost install that is available in many areas. in order to to find out further information, give us a call to see if your exchange is firstly enabled for super-fast broadband and secondly if you qualify for a free installation, once we have gained all the relevant information we can give you a quote on this service.
For more detailed information about high speed internet connectivity click here or contact us on 01427 800310