Communications Provider - About Us

Just Telecomms are Lincolnshire’s best kept secret when it comes to business communications. Based at Hemswell Cliff, we offer significant savings over BT and endeavour to couple this with outstanding service. Our company was born out of frustration with the levels of service offered in the telephony industry generally, and a desire to make communications simple and effective for businesses in the East Midlands and beyond. We keep jargon to a minimum, and try hard to talk about phone numbers instead of CLIs! We do however sometimes slip up after being in the industry for nearly 20 years, so be sure to stop us and ask if we use an acronym that you don’t understand.

Whatever your communication needs, Just Telecomms can engineer a solution tailored to your requirements. Rather than shoehorn you into rigid products that don’t really meet your needs, we can provide you with a bespoke service that suits.